The Brains behind it all….

Chris Casamassa aka Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, one of the most iconic ninjas known to man. The creator and founder of B90z, the most successful martial arts birthday party system available, has taken karate birthday parties to the next level. Now, aside from having the best party, you’ll have so much more! A complete “online staff” that converts all your birthday party leads, turns them into registered parties and transform their guests into leads! The best part about it is you didn’t have to do anything! The complete turnkey system is revolutionizing karate birthday parties across the country!  Learn more about Chris Casamassa


Our Mission

To provide the BEST Birthday Party Experience through the martial arts. To instill life skills, motivation and excitement, all while enriching the lives of our party participants.To enhance the lives of martial arts school owners by revolutionizing their birthday party programs and making them profitable and productive.

School Owner

Utilizing your B90z birthday party program and your new karate birthday party website, you'll see your calendar fill up with parties and your parties will CONVERT!


Party participants will be begging their parents to bring them back! They will have the time of their lives and be talking about your birthday parties for months!


After every birthday party, Parents will line up to thank you for the amazing party you provided their child, and most importantly, how do they enroll their kids!